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“I have always been excited and felt called to spread the good news of Theology of the Body since I read it, but previously I did not have cohesiveness in my thoughts and it was difficult for me to convey this beautiful message in a way people could understand and be excited about. I can’t do justice in this small number of words the breadth of knowledge and hope that I have been equipped with in these 4 months… This [Family Honor] course has been such an eye opening experience and I can’t begin to describe how much it has improved my relationship with God, with my husband and, especially, with my children. God has created us in such a perfect and purposeful way and it is truly astonishing to think about the plan He has revealed in us through our bodies and our sexuality.”

– Natalia Gracia, graduate of
Family Honor’s Truth and Meaning online course

The Truth and Meaning of Sexuality, Love and Family: Cultural Implications

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Course Overview

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Course Overview

The Truth & Meaning of Sexuality, Love & Family online course will provide you with an understanding of the core truths of sexuality, love and family as defined by Sacred Scripture, tradition and natural law. Our goal is for this course to serve as a solid foundation for authentic formation of men and women in their dignity as images of God.

 Course Objectives. Students will:

  • Be able to articulate the rationale for a family-centered approach to education in the truth and meaning of sexuality and chastity.
  • Be able to explain the core concepts of the Theology of the Body and total-person sexuality.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of misuse of sexual powers on the human person physically, psychologically and spiritually.
  • Be able to identify the reasons marriage has historically been and should continue to be the foundation of the family.
  • Students will be able to explain the influence of the family on a child’s beliefs and attitudes about sexuality.

Since becoming available on the Internet, students have included parents, teachers, catechists, family life directors, youth ministers, marriage preparation leaders, RCIA staff, chastity educators and clergy and other religious.

Course modules include:

  • History of Sex Education
  • Introduction to the Theology of the Body
  • Male/Female Complementarity
  • Godly and Godless Expressions of Sexuality
  • Natural Consequences of Misunderstanding/Misuse of Sexual Powers
  • The Family – Putting It in Perspective
  • Evangelizing on Sexuality, Love and Family…. and much more!

Three Options for Course: 

1.) Professional Development with Credit Hours – Receive graduate or undergraduate credit. Choose this to obtain ongoing professional development with credit hours, or to earn credit hours toward an undergraduate or graduate degree. The tuition of $700 includes tuition for the credit hours.

2.) Professional Development with Certificate of Completion Only – Dioceses and parishes who want leaders to complete a course that will provide a strong foundation of knowledge in Catholic teachings on chastity and human sexuality may choose this option, which provides a certificate of completion for those who earn a grade of C or higher. No college credit is available with this option, and tuition is $500.

3.) Presenter Preparation – College Credit Optional – Those who think they may want to take the course as a first step in the process of possibly becoming a Family Honor Presenter may select to earn college credit ($700 tuition) or a Certificate of Completion ($500 tuition) as outlined above.