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Read the Prophetic Papal Doctrine…It Will Change Your Life!

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Papal Flag - Prophetic Papal DoctrineProphetic Papal Doctrine

PORTSMOUTH, January 4, 2013 ( – Philip Egan, the recently appointed Catholic bishop of Portsmouth in England has made history in English Catholicism by becoming perhaps the first member of the episcopate in decades to publicly endorse the Church’s teaching on contraception, calling it a “prophetic” papal doctrine.

In a pastoral letter dated December 30, the Church’s feast of the Holy Family, Egan brought up a “very challenging and controversial” subject: that “that sexual intercourse is an integral act for love and for life, and that these two aspects of sexuality – love and life – cannot be divorced.”

Humanae Vitae, Pope Paul VI’s 1968 encyclical letter reiterating the Catholic Church’s longstanding prohibition against artificial contraception was widely vilified in the secular world, and virtually denied even by the Catholic bishops of the time. For years in the lead-up to its release, priests had assumed that the teaching would be changed in the advent of the hormonal birth control pill and the sexual revolution. The encyclical came as a shock to many Catholics who had been expecting a reversal. If you would like to read more please see the link below.

Read Humanae Vitae:



Has America’s Parenting Crisis taken a Toll on Our National Character?

Friday, January 11th, 2013

A recent article on the website suggests that parents should resolve to do better raising the next generation of citizens. Columnist, Mary Beth Hicks, suggests that a “resurgence of skilled and solid parenting could be the key to redefining and rescuing our American culture.” Do you agree?


Check Out These Four Myths – and the Truths Behind Them

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Family Honor has always been dedicated to helping and supporting families. To build strong families, we must first build a strong culture of life and that begins with you – the parent. Family Honor course instructor and curricula writer, Mary Ann Fey, shares four myths that prevent parents from talking with their teens about God’s gift of sexuality as well the truth behind the myths. Listen to find out how science and reason supports the family’s participation in building the culture of life.

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Hey Parents! Join us for a Unique Program and Bring Your Teen!

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Parents, are you looking for a special way to connect with your teen this year? Why not bring them to one of our unique programs that focus on the real meaning of love, true self-worth, open and effective communication, and growing in virtue?

We have many parent-child programs scheduled for this year. Make a New Year’s resolution to spend some important time with your teen today! Check out our website and find a program in your area!

Changes & Challenges is for parents with their 6th grader. This program is an ideal way for children who are on the brink of their teen years to learn about God’s wonderful gift of fertility and about the beauty of becoming an adult. This is a two-session program. The first session is for parents only, to help you develop a plan for purposeful parenting; the second session is for you, as a parent, with your child. Topics discussed in the second session include: fertility appreciation; fetal development; understanding the virtue of chastity; the SPICE concept; and whole-person sexuality.

Real Love & Real Life is for parents and their 8th grader. This program teaches parents and adolescents to build a better family life by learning to communicate, anticipate and deal with changes. This is a four-session program that meets once a week for four weeks, on the same night each week (or it can be delivered on a weekend). Each session is approximately two hours long. Topics include fertility appreciation, learning about appropriate future dating behavior (for older teens), developing values and responsibilities in the family, the changes in adolescence, and much more. Skits, role play, video clips, small group-breakouts, parent-child focused time, and audience participation make this a fast-paced and interesting program for both parents and adolescents.

Whether your children are infants, first graders, or early teens, our Leading & Loving program can help you develop better parenting skills and learn how to build a stronger family.

Family Honor’s Leading & Loving program (for parents only – no children attend) will work with parents to create an individual plan for purposeful parenting. By providing hope, practical tools, and key basic concepts, this program strives to empower parents to become knowledgeable, confident, and competent leaders of their families.

Leading & Loving will also assist parents in cultivating Catholic virtues and values through the activities and conversations of everyday family life. The six-module program presents the beautiful truths of human sexuality, family life and virtue cultivation through the lens of Blessed John Paul II’s landmark teaching known as “Theology of the Body.”

For more information about Family Honor or about bringing one of our programs to your area, you can visit our website or call us at 803.929.0858.