Providing a Catholic framework on the truth and meaning of sexuality, love, and family

It’s That Time of the Year Again!

It’s that time of the year again – Birdies for Charity! Conducted via the RBC Heritage Pro Golf Tournament on Hilton Head Island, SC in April, ‘Birdies for Charity’ is an annual event that raises funds for selected charities in S.C.  Family Honor has been one of the designated charities to receive funds for the past several years!

When you pledge for each ‘birdie’ made during the tournament (or give a flat donation of at least $25) and designate Family Honor as your selected charity, we receive 100% of the pledge you designate for us, plus the Heritage Classic Foundation adds 15% to the final amount we raise!  This boosts your donation to our family-centered mission!

The most frequent comment we have heard from parents over the years, said with regret, is: “If only your organization had been around when I was growing up, I wouldn’t have made some of the decisions I did [in regards to sex.]  Your gift can help change this.

Men and women who attend our programs and courses tell us the impact that participating in our events has on them and others. Here are a few recent comments:

  • “I can use this info in teaching my [young] son about sexuality and its role in God’s plan for us; I can also use this in helping my adult son find his way back to the Church.” [Dad]
  • “I feel more equipped to talk to my children about these issues. I also feel more equipped to gently bring about change with my friends and families.” [Counselor]
  • “Great informational tool to use during Youth Group …” [Bilingual Ministry Leader]
  • “Using this as a resource for formation to leaders from each parish.” [from Diocesan Evangelization leader]
  • “The information has reinforced the idea that moral relativism needs to be challenged, lovingly, in our walk, whenever and wherever that opportunity may arise.” [Middle School Teacher]

There are currently aggressive efforts to bring immoral teaching about sex to young people. Thus, it is more urgent than ever to counter the lies of the culture with the truth and meaning of God’s gift of sexuality, the virtue of purity, and the importance of family.  That’s why Family Honor is:

♦  working with parishes to bring our Understanding the Human Person course to more people around the U.S. so they can share what they learn with their students and families;

♦  updating our curriculum, graphics, and video for our Real Love & Real Life parent-teen program, to be more relevant to a new generation of parents and teens;

♦  training bilingual (English/Spanish) Presenters to deliver our family-centered programs to help Hispanic parents talk to their children on sex, love, and marriage.

There is much work to be done, and we need your help to do it.  Will you please be a part of our work by making a sacrificial donation to Family Honor through Birdies for Charity?

Please take 5 minutes now to make Birdies pledge: (Pledges must be made by Friday, April 15.)

  • Go to page, then …
  • Click on the Donate Now button under the color Birdies logo. When the next page opens …
  • Click on the Register Here button in the top right corner; then start filling out your gift info.
  • Be sure to select Family Honor from the list of charities on the web site, when prompted!
  • After the tournament, the Heritage Classic will bill you & ask for your gift by May 31.

Or, click here to fill out the Birdies Pledge Form and mail it back to Family Honor so that we receive it by Friday, April 15.   

There is much ugliness and evil in the world today, but there is also – still – a search for beauty and Christ’s truth. Through your gift, you can help moms, dads, and teens discover that beauty and truth. Thank you for anything you can do for families!

Sincerely in Christ,

Brenda Cerkez
Executive Director