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Board of Directors

Meet Family Honor Board of Directors
They Are ALL Passionate About Family Honor

Our board members come from different backgrounds, different cities, different professions … but all are passionate about Family Honor’s family-centered chastity education programs and training as you will see below!

J Cabot Seth, Chairman
“Family Honor has been a big part of my life since its inception.”
J and his family have been involved with Family Honor since the beginning. As J puts it: “Family Honor has been a big part of my life since its inception. My wife, Tonia, and most of my children have been heavily involved. We were there working out of Nerbun’s garage [Family Honor co-founders Ann and Bob Nerbun] before the books and the manuals, before the power points, before the Internet presenter training course, before this tremendous journey really began. I served as Family Honor board chairman for the first 10 years before rotating off the board for a number of years. Now, the Family Honor Board has blessed me to serve again as Chairman and I am truly delighted.” J, a graduate of Notre Dame, is an attorney in Sumter, SC. He and his wife, Tonia, have continued to serve as presenters for Family Honor programs. They have five children and seven grandchildren.
John Peduto, Ph.D., Vice-Chairman
John has served on the Family Honor Board of Directors for the past four years and is currently chairman of the Fund Development Committee. His formal training was in Reproductive Endocrinology, specifically, infertility. John resides in Augusta, Georgia, where he has served on the board of Birthright and Project Rachel, and served over ten years on the Ethical Standards Committee at St. Joseph Hospital. He is married to Barbara and they have three children. John, a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and the Medical College of Georgia, sums up his personal philosophy as follows: “Loving communication backed by personal example and prayer. Communication implies mutual understanding through careful talking and listening. Personal example means striving to live the Gospel message, recognizing we all fall short. Prayer – at a retreat I went to, we were told that the most important thing you can do for another is develop a deep prayer life.”
Bob Blake
Chris Beal
Eileen Coffey