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Be Informed – New Articles on Parents’ Influence and the Virtue of Chastity!

Family Honor seeks to help change the culture through relevant, timely and easily accessible resources. Parents, never underestimate your power! Despite all of cultural messages telling you that you’re too out-of-date and behind-the-times to influence your children—it’s just not true.

Read “Parents Take Heart! You Still Have the Most Influence

Parents are their children’s first teachers, especially of chastity. They teach their children chastity by being chaste themselves, i.e., by the way they show the profoundest respect for each other, first of all, and for their children and all persons whom they meet.

Read “Educating the ‘Heart’ of Youths in the Virtue of Chastity
by William E. May, Ph.D, Senior Research Fellow

The young Church is hungry for the truth. Correctly understanding the perceptions and desires of Catholic youth is a crucial issue for the future of the Church.

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