Providing a Catholic framework on the truth and meaning of sexuality, love, and family

Providing a Catholic framework on the truth and meaning of sexuality, love, and family
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March 19, 2021

“Is your weekend training course for adults available in Spanish?”
“Do you have anything for older teens that explains Church teaching on homosexuality? My kids think I’m a ‘homophobe’ for believing what our Catholic faith teaches.”
“One of my family members says they are transgender. Their parent needs information and resources on how to speak with them about this. Can you help?”

Dear Friend of Family Honor,

These are just a few of the questions Family Honor has received in the past few months. And they are being asked with a new sense of urgency.

In the 31 years since Family Honor began, the culture has changed – a lot. I remember when a Catholic middle school principal called us back in 1994, deeply worried that she had found pornography in student lockers.

Now, it’s just a click away on student I-phones and the average age of initial exposure to pornography is estimated by some to be 8.

It’s incredibly difficult for parents to protect their children from the aggressive push of a culture that makes porn so easily available, mocks the role of faith in public life, and designs clever advertising to lure young people into experimenting with alternate lifestyles – at any cost.

Families need encouragement – and answers. 

That’s why Family Honor remains committed to speaking out with Christ’s truth and practical help for parents, ministry leaders, and others who come to us with questions about sex, love, gender, etc.

Even with the challenges presented by COVID-19, Family Honor has found a way to continue serving families. In the past year, we’ve presented well over 20 online Zoom webinar sessions for parents and teens around the U.S., presented 3 in-person weekend courses for adults, and also organized and presented 2 half- day seminars for adults. Plus, we just presented our first-ever Spanish language program for Hispanic parents.

Pictured above: Participants in recent Family Honor program for Spanish parents.

However, in coming months, our ability to impact families depends on generous funding from you and others like you — people who understand what is at stake for your children, grands, nieces, & nephews.

Will you please help families, through your sacrificial gift? Your gift can assist us in:

+ Developing & translating more resources & programs for Spanish-speaking moms and dads;
+ Overhauling the technology of our web site and purchasing new laptop computers and
projectors for our programs;[Our technology/ equipment is OLD; it limits what we can do.]
+ Providing scholarships to adults who want to train to be Chastity Program Presenters;
+ Updating the graphics and books used in our parent-teen programs; and other projects.

A great way to maximize your donation …
One of the best ways you can support Family Honor’s efforts now is to make your generous donation through our annual Birdies for Charity Campaign. ‘Birdies’ is done via the RBC Heritage Pro Golf Tournament on Hilton Head Island, SC in April.

When you pledge for each birdie made during the tournament OR give a flat donation of at least $25, we receive 100% of the pledge you designate for us, plus the Heritage Classic Foundation adds 10% to the final amount we raise! This is a GREAT way to boost your donation.

Will you take 5 minutes now, to help strengthen families, by making a Birdies pledge?
(All pledges must be made by Friday, April 16.)

  • • Go to: page, then …
  • • Click on the Donate Now button under the color Birdies logo. When the next page opens …
  • • Click on the Register Here button in the top right corner; then start filling out your gift info.
  • • Be sure to select Family Honor from the list of charities on the web site, when prompted!
  • • After the tournament, the Heritage Classic will bill you & ask for your gift by May 31.


Thank you for anything you can do to help bring Christ’s truth and love to families!

Sincerely in Christ,
Brenda Cerkez
Executive Director