Chastity Education Training Weekend Course

We were created to love as God loves …

but what does that mean for you, your family,

and your friends in our current culture?

Find out when you register for:

“Understanding the Human Person”

Presented by Family Honor, Inc. 

Our next in-person weekend course will be at:

St. Mary on the Hill Catholic Church in Augusta, GA

August 19 and 20, 2022

For details and to register, go to:

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“Understanding the Human Person” Details

This Chastity Education Training – Weekend Course, presented by Family Honor, Inc. is for adults who want to deepen their faith, grow their knowledge, and speak more confidently to friends and family members about:

• Pope St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body
• The Roots of the Sexual Revolution
• God’s Gift of Sexuality and Fertility
• Consequences of Ungodly Sexual Behavior
• Child Development and the Importance of Family
• Gender Identity and Gender Confusion … and more

You’ll hear from a variety of interesting speakers and engage in classroom activities with other adult students. You’ll also experience spiritual refreshment.

Questions & Answers

• What does it mean to be created as male and female persons?
• How can we be a ‘gift’ to others?
• How can parents respond to challenging questions from their children and teens on gender, sex, cohabitation, and more?
• How do you speak the truth in love to friends and family members who disagree with you on moral issues?

When you register for Understanding the Human Person, Family Honor’s in-person weekend class you’ll explore answers to these questions and more!

Some scholarship assistance available – feel free to ask us about this if you need it. Preregistration required; no registrations accepted on site.

Stay tuned for announcement about another “Understanding the Human Person” course

       (Hint: coming to the Midwest this Spring!)