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Doctor Appointments and Your Adolescent Daughter

Kids grow up really fast. Middle school is full of big events like lockers, sleep-overs, football games and your daughter’s doctor asking her about birth control options.

Wait…  What?

In an office where you used to discuss Flintstone vitamins and Tylenol, your child’s pediatrician or physician will soon be bringing up issues related to their sexuality. The following information can help you prepare, in advance, for the questions that could come up in the doctor’s office.

Remember that even though doctors are experts in medicine, YOU are the expert of your child. Decisions about their vaccinations and which prescription drugs they should take are ultimately yours.

So where to begin?

There is discussion about the benefits of teen girls receiving their annual check-ups from their pediatricians as opposed to visiting a gynecologist, and this is a decision that you, as a parent, can make based on the doctors in your area and who you feel comfortable with.

Talk to your daughter’s physician before the visit and ask her what information she plans to share with patients your daughter’s age regarding sexuality. For a list of physicians who will support a pro-abstinence approach, visit this site: Also, don’t hesitate to ask about where they stand on abstinence, chastity and abortion.

Always insist on being with your daughter when she visits her doctor or any health provider. Being prepared for the following discussions helps to convey to your daughter the importance of her sexuality and your concerns about caring for her God-given gift of fertility.

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