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2014 - Jenny & family - Words game

FH Presenter and Course Instructor Jenny McPherson with 3 of her 4 children

As many of you know, Real Love & Real Life is Family Honor’s program that brings parents and their 8th grader together at a local parish to hear about and talk about love, chastity, friendship, true worth, and lots more. The big news is that we have been doing some significant updates to this program as a result of the input that parents and parish host sites have given us in the last few years.

Here is a quick look at those changes:

1.Shorter Program Length!! Parents, teens and host sites: we heard you! You loved the old version of this program but you asked if the time commitment could be reduced. Thus, the updated Real Love program is now 3 sessions of two hours each instead of 4 sessions of two hours each.

2.Fewer Recaps – you also told us that you didn’t feel the recap of previous sessions was necessary, so – we’ve eliminated most of them and the ones remaining will be handled differently.

3.New Games – We’re adding 2 completely new games: Words with Families is for parents and teens together and a new Game of Life is for teens in small groups.

4.New Animation – we think families will really like a new animated segment on the Cardinal Virtues.

5.Updated Skits and Segments:

  • Honeymoon skit
  • Bridge of Communication
  • Broken Heart
  • Parent and Teen small groups for Session 3
  • Closings for all 3 sessions
  • Theology of the Body (I and II)
  • Fetal models/ultrasound video
  • The Dating Steps
  • Taboo

6.Eliminated Skits and Segments:

  • Drop in a bucket
  • Theology of the Body Cliff notes
  • Risky Squares
  • Self-Control
  • Road to Adulthood
  • Peer Pressure
  • Shelter/Attitudes

Leadership for This Project

I want to recognize and publicly thank the terrific and creative leadership of Mary Ann Fey and Ann Nerbun, who did much of the writing for this curriculum update. They were helped by: Vincent Weaver, Jenny McPherson and Alison Griswold.  Combined, these five individuals donated hundreds of hours of volunteer time to this project, and as a result, we have a beautiful, revitalized Real Love & Real Life curriculum that will be even more helpful and user-friendly for families.

Our Sunday Visitor Institute

OSV Logo

Family Honor is also extremely grateful to Our Sunday Visitor Institute, who provided a grant of $35,000 to Family Honor for graphics design production and also graphics design and printing of new Parent and Teen Workbooks for families who participate in this program.

Family Honor will be piloting this updated Real Love & Real Life curriculum this fall at various program host sites around the country.

To book a Real Love & Real Life program in your area, please call the Family Honor office at 803.929.0858 or email us at:

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