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Facebook, Texting, Twittering, Chatting, Blogging – Help!

This page of our website is designed for parents to provide additional information and resources to help you stay connected with your child and be more competent to give your invaluable guidance. There is a page designed for pre-teens/teens. We encourage you to review the material with your child – or review it yourself first, send your child a link to the page, then talk about it later. We hope you will visit this page regularly as the content will be changing. We know that navigating the maze of social technology can be confusing! New options come out every day—forget keeping up with the Joneses, this feels like keeping up with the Jetsons.
Social Technology Basics

Social technology is technology for social purposes, like facebook, myspace, instant messaging and texting. Social technology is constantly changing, but here are some basic definitions and explanations to get you started:

Cell Phones:
What can be done on a cellphone?

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