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Would Your Family Like to Go Into the Deep?

Family Honor Retreat

  • Have you ever wanted to contemplate in a deeper way some of the concepts presented by Family Honor in our programs?
  • Are you willing to invest 5 or so days to step away and enter into more discussions with your child?
  • Would you enjoy time spent appreciating the beauty God’s creation?

Family Honor is considering collaboration with Into the Deep, an organization that infuses Theology of the Body* insights into outdoor retreats.  The founder, Jen Messing, has taken both youth and young adults on camping, hiking, and canoeing trips for over 10 years and we are interested in bringing the content of our Family Honor presentations into one of her trip-retreats.  The venues are typically state or national parks and the duration is usually 4 -9 days; a priest comes along so that Mass, adoration, and confession are offered daily. The idea is to give participants the time and space to process content, foster intimacy with God, and learn how to make a gift of self while living in the simplicity of tents, taking hikes, engaging in conversation, and experiencing the quiet sounds of the outdoors.

Participants would most likely drive to the camp, set up, and take hikes from there.

We will keep praying on this collaboration, but in the meantime we need to know if you are interested. Please give us your feedback by answering the brief questionnaire below. To see more about the work of Into the Deep, go to

* Theology of the Body is the collective name given to the series of talks that Saint Pope John Paul II gave over a period of four years during his Pontificate. These talks are a Scriptural perspective on the human person and the meaning of being created male and female in God’s image.


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