Providing a Catholic framework on the truth and meaning of sexuality, love, and family

“Understanding the Human Person” Course Held In North Carolina

“I hope to use the information to invite my friends / parents of my children’s friends of the same age to form a solid group of parents who have the same goals and want chastity for their children.” – course participant

On February 5 and 6, 2021 a group of 14 men and women gathered at St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church in Cary, North Carolina for Family Honor’s Understanding the Human Person course. They came to learn how they can help to transform the culture, starting with their own circle of family and friends.

Family Honor Instructor Jenny McPherson, Director of Programs and Training Vincent Weaver, and Executive Director Brenda Cerkez were all there in person to provide enlightening talks on a wide range of subjects. They were joined by Kathy Schmugge, Family Life Director for the Diocese of Charleston, who gave two talks via Zoom.

Weekend Course

The UHP course, which serves as continuing education for adults, is also the first step in training for those who wish to become Family Honor Chastity Program Presenters. It is designed to provide an overview of topics especially relevant for parents and ministry leaders.

<< Jenny McPherson and Vincent Weaver answer student questions

Topics include:

  • taking a look at key players of the early ‘sexual revolution’ and how the modern sex education movement contributed to the breakdown of sexual morality;
  • examining child development needs and the importance of family, especially the role of parents;
  • understanding male-female complementarity and gender identity disorder;
  • teaching fertility appreciation for young people;
  • responding to moral and cultural confusuion with the language of The Theology of the Body, Deus Caritas Est, and other Church teaching;

Rev. Michael Burbeck, pastor of St. Michael’s, joined the group on Friday evening to speak on “A Pastoral Approach to Same-Sex Attraction.” The talk was well-received and helpful to the class, citing not only Church teaching but also providing examples of how to respond with compassion and truth to those who are seeking guidance or counseling.

Weekend course2

In addition to the presentations, the weekend course provided ample time for student participation. It concluded with a lengthy question and answer session, in which the class had a chance to ask the presenters for more information on much of what was spoken about over two days.

Participants were enthusiastic about what they learned,

and several have expressed interest in taking the next steps to become presenters for Family Honor with our Raleigh-area affiliate team.

In addition to our Family Honor Instructors and Presenters, a special thanks goes to Mary Beth Phillips, coordinator for Family Honor’s Raleigh team, for all her planning and coordination to help set up the weekend, to Father Burbeck for his excellent talk, to all those who prepared food and set up the meeting room, and to all the men and women who carved out a big chunk of their weekend to attend and participate in the course. Thanks to you all!!

For informationon how to bring a Family Honor weekend course to your parish or diocese, contact Family Honor at: or call 803.929.0858.