Providing a Catholic framework on the truth and meaning of sexuality, love, and family

Find out what God teaches us about Sex! Online course Spring Semester begins January 3, 2012!

“Sex Education” programs have been in the news a great deal over the past few months, but where did the idea of “sex education” come from? How did this movement get started? Should parents be concerned about these programs? Is there a better way to teach our children about sexuality?

Family Honor will answer all of those questions and more in their online course “The Truth and Meaning of Sexuality, Love and Family.” This college level course takes each adult student in-depth to learn how the sex education movement got started and how it has removed parents as the primary educators of their children in these matters. The course will also provide students with an understanding of the core truths of sexuality, love and family as defined by Sacred Scripture, tradition and natural law.

The world’s perception that Christianity, and the Catholic Church in particular, are opposed to sex will be challenged from both the perspective of reason and faith. Register now and participate in this unique and life-changing course!

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