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Modern Sex Ed – Where It All Went Wrong

Change doesn’t happen overnight. And our culture’s view of sex and sexuality, gender fluidity and same-sex attraction, ‘hook ups’ and marriage travelled a long and interesting road to bring us to where we are today.

How did modern sex education in the United States begin? Who were the pioneers and on what did they base their philosophy? What was their ultimate goal? What is currently happening in modern sex education – and why should you care?

Family Honor’s newly formatted online short course, Modern Sex Ed – Where It All Went Wrong, answers these questions, and more.

This online course will start Monday, March 5 and end Wednesday, April 4. Cost of the four-week course is $125, which provides access to the online course along with hard-copy books. Some limited scholarship funds are available, depending on where you live.

As with previous courses Family Honor has offered:

  • The course is not live, so you may work on it during times and on days convenient for you.
  • There are assignments and deadlines, so you can see how well you have learned the material.
  • You will receive feedback and grading from our Course Instructors.
  • Once you complete this course, you may choose to sign up for another Family Honor four-week course or stop after you finish this course.

Whether you’re a parent who simply wants to know more about how this topic impacts your children or a ministry leader looking for continuing education, you’ll gain significant insights and helpful tools from this online course.

For more information, or to get a registration form, contact us at: or call the Family Honor office at: 803.929.0858.