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This FREE webinar, Theology of the Body: A Framework for Chastity Formation, will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 18 at 12:00 noon Eastern time. It will be especially helpful in guiding conversations between parents and their high-school age teen. (In fact, parents of home school teens may want to have your son or daughter sit in on this webinar with you.)

Katrina will guide participants through a session that explains the basics of theology of the body, marriage, and the meaning of chastity for everyone.

A question and answer session will follow. This will be the first part of a two-part webinar that Katrina will do in conjunction with Family Honor.

Katrina Zeno speaks regularly on a range of topics including: theology of the body, the single life, the genius of woman, chastity formation, marriage and the Eucharist, and passing on the faith. Katrina, who has spoken at two of Family Honor’s national conferences, is the author of several books, including: Every Woman’s Journey: Answering ‘Who am I’ for the Feminine Heart, The Body Reveals God: A Guided Study of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, and When Life Doesn’t Go Your Way: Hope for Catholic Women Facing Pain and Disappointment. She is a contributing author to Amazing Grace for Women and Freedom: 12 Lives Transformed by Theology of the Body; and the co-editor of Rocked by God, an inspiring collection of teen testimonies.

She currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona, where she is the coordinator of the John Paul II Resource Center for Theology of the Body and Culture for the Diocese of Phoenix, Arizona.

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