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Get Engaged!

Brenda Cerkez
Executive Director

Over the past few weeks, I have heard two priests in separate states give homilies about how to have a good Advent. Their talks were very motivational, and had some similar points, but the one point that really stood out to me was: get more engaged with your faith this Advent season.

Both priests then gave some specific examples of how to get more engaged with your faith during Advent:  try to get to at least one additional Mass during the week; go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation before Christmas; take time to pray before the Blessed Sacrament; and visit those in hospitals, nursing homes or others who might be lonely; give to the poor. These are all beautiful and grace-filled opportunities and I recommend them all!

But I’d like to add a few additional options to those suggestions as well. As you might guess, these ideas relate to Family Honor, but they also relate to spiritual growth and helping others, since Family Honor’s mission is faith-based and Christ-centered.

You can make the difference in someone’s life – or even in the lives of many people by choosing to ‘get engaged’ below. Simply provide your contact information, then check the boxes you’re interested in and we’ll follow up with you as needed.

Thanks for whatever you can do and have a wonderful Advent!