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Hey Parents! Find out what Planned Parenthood is telling your kids about sex

Parents, did you know that Planned Parenthood wants to talk to your kids about sex?! How are they reaching these young and impressionable minds? Through text messages! Every kid has a cell phone, right? With that in mind, Planned Parenthood launched a new “text and chat” programs that offers information about sex. And trust us, this is probably not something you want your child exposed to.

A sleek video ad with cartoon-type characters and upbeat music was launched in September and is aimed at young viewers. In the video, a young girl, sitting with a male – presumably her boyfriend – texts a question to a “health educator.”  “The condom broke and I don’t want to be pregnant.” The “health educator” responds, informing the “couple” that “the morning after pill can be ten up to 5 days (120 hours) after sex. It’s a safe & effective…” The ad goes on to tell young people that the information is “fast; it’s trustworth; it’s 100% confidential,” meaning you – the PARENT – will never find out that your child is having sex or that they have been advised to take an abortifacient.

Other questions addressed in the video ad:

  • Can I get an STD from oral sex??
  • Will the pill still work if I take it 3 hrs late!?
  • If I pulled out a few second b4 I ejaculated, is she pregnant?
  • I recently had unprotected sex with my partner. But our unprotected sex wasn’t more than 5 minutes.
  • How old do I have to be to buy Plan B?
  • What are my chances of getting pregnant at 15 if I have had sex once?
  • My ex and I had sex and we did not use a condom but I don’t think I was ovulating that day.
  • And many more….

Would you be prepared to answer questions like this from your child? What would you say? Do you know what the Catholic Church’s teachings are when it comes to God’s gift of sexuality? Family Honor offers several age-appropriate programs for parents and their children. We teach teens and their parents about whole-person sexuality through the SPICE concept.


Click here to see a short Family Honor presentation about SPICE and chastity.

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