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How Would You Handle THIS Situation? – On Cohabitation

Editor’s Note:  When Family Honor teams present our “Leading & Loving” program at parishes across the country, we discuss various challenging scenarios that parents may run across at some point with their children.  Because the culture we live in today runs very much against the grain of the Truth as taught by the Catholic Church, we parents will be forced to address many of these issues – often at times when we least expect it.

Therefore, we offer you this first installment of a weekly series featuring one possible situation that may arise in your family.  Following the description of the situation is a possible response parents could consider using.  These responses were developed through consultation with a variety of our Family Honor presenters – both male and female.  Our presenters are not counselors, mind you, though they are passionate about their vocation as parents and as Catholics.

So, how would you handle THIS situation?

Your brother who is 24 and a favorite of your 9-year-old son invites your son to come for a movie and overnight at his apartment.  He and his girlfriend just started living together. Your son does not know this at the time as he comes to you and asks if he can go with his uncle.

Possible response:

“It was really nice of your uncle to invite you.  I love him very much and his girlfriend is a beautiful person too.  Unfortunately, the two of them have chosen to live together like a married couple before they are married.  God does not want for us to do that because living together as a married couple is so special and important.  I do want for you to spend time with your uncle, but I will tell him that you may not spend the night at his house while they are doing this.” (What does the USCCB and the Catechism say about cohabitation?  Click here.)

Be sure to check our website each Tuesday for another challenging topic and an idea for how to address it!

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