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Huntsville, AL Welcomes Family Honor and Showcases Team of Local Presenters!


First-Ever Family Honor Program in Huntsville!


“Thank you so much for everything. So many parents have told me they thought the program was wonderful!” That is what Ms. Tracy Finke, Director of Religious Education at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Huntsville, AL told us about the first-ever Real Love & Real Life program held in the area.


On March 9 and 10, more than 25 families gathered for Real Love & Real Life, a program for parents and their 8th grade teens. Parents and teens alike showed great enthusiasm for the program. Here is what a few of them had to say:

“I really liked the energy and straight forwardness of the presenters. The Real Love & Real Life program gave me a wonderful opportunity to talk with my child about difficult issues.” – Hunstville, AL parent

“The Real Love & Real Life” program in Huntsville provided constructive ways for me to approach difficult topics with my child and helped to open the lines of communication between us. Thank you!” –Huntsville, AL parent

“I really liked the whole program – the audience participation, hearing other parents’ ideas, learning why God wants us to be chaste, understanding how important it is just to talk with my teen about sex, interacting with my daughter. I just loved the whole experience.” –Huntsville, AL parent

“I liked everything about this program – the games, the skits, learning to “straight talk” with my parents, the people that were there. The whole program was fun and interactive.” –Huntsville, AL teen

“The presenters did a great job! They were funny, helpful, friendly, cool, well prepared, and made material understandable.” –Huntsville, AL teen

Ms. Finke, along with Julie Kellogg, worked with Family Honor for months to arrange the program. These ladies did a wonderful job of promoting the program and assuring that everyone had a memorable experience.

A local Family Honor team is in the process of forming in Huntsville, and those four presenters had the opportunity to debut their presentation skills in front of a hometown audience! They include Team Leader, Kyle Becher, Tim Catalano, and Jarcia and Paul Kosinski. (Jarcia also pulls double-duty as the team’s Materials Coordinator).

In addition to the local team, two presenters from the Gulf Breeze, Florida team assisted (Sarah & Adam Dietrich), along with two from South Carolina (Kathy Schmugge and Vincent Weaver). Participation by both parents and teens was very strong and they proved that learning about chastity really can be fun and effective!


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