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The past six months, Family Honor’s spotlight has been shining bright when it comes to Catholic media.

We have had the opportunity to appear on a variety of Catholic radio programs as well as Catholic T.V. Raleigh, North Carolina Family Honor presenter Linda Gaviria was a guest on Catholic Weekly, a half-hour program that provides news and information of events and ministries in the Diocese of Raleigh. Linda shared information about Family Honor and its locally-provided programs in the diocese.

Family Honor’s Executive Director, Brenda Cerkez, has been a guest on multiple Catholic radio shows. In July, Brenda joined Dina Marie Hale on Portland, Oregon’s Catholic radio station, KBVM. For an hour, Brenda talked about our history, our programs and our online course, “The Truth and Meaning of Sexuality, Love & Family.” She also answered questions from callers.

July also found Brenda on “The Son Rise Morning Show” on Sacred Heart Radio’s WNOP. This program gave Family Honor its first taste of national exposure as the morning show is heard on the EWTN Radio Network. Later that same month, Brenda was a guest on “Kresta in the Afternoon” with host Al Kresta. With the ability to share information with Catholics across the country, Brenda and Al talked about the uniqueness of Family Honor’s parent-child programs and our in-depth and informational online course.

The fall brought additional Catholic radio interviews with Brenda’s appearances on “Living Bread Radio” in northeast Ohio and another national appearance on EWTN’s “Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo” in October. And just this month, Brenda joined Mrs. Mary Ann Jepsen on St. Gabriel Catholic radio’s “The Local Spotlight Show” which is heard in the Columbus, Ohio area. Local Family Honor team members John Durant and Rebecca Gjostein also joined the show to talk about the Diocese of Columbus’ first ever Family Honor program, taking place this month! You can listen to all of these interviews on our website at

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