Providing a Catholic framework on the truth and meaning of sexuality, love, and family

More Families Served in More Places Than Ever Before!

–Vincent Weaver, Director of Programs and Training

I am happy to report that we had a very successful year of service to families through our Family Honor programs!

Our 12 teams were hard at work, traveling to nine states to present Family Honor’s family-centered Catholic approach to chastity education, which brings parents and their children together to discuss the true meaning of love, chastity, fertility, friendship, true worth, sexuality and much more in an age-appropriate manner.

Our teams offered 35 programs in:
South Carolina
North Carolina
… and for the first time in Family Honor’s 23 year history, in Texas!

More than eight hundred families were served through our “Changes & Challenges” program or our “Real Love & Real Life” program during the 2010 – 2011 year. We communicated the message of chastity to 1,115 parents and 803 teens! Thank you to all of you who attended these programs and a very special thanks to all of our presenters! Without you, we could not serve all of these families and our Church!

We’ll continue to work hard to present the message of chastity and God’s gift of sexuality, because we are dedicated to help parents and teens ‘connect’ on some of the most important topics in life. The comments we received from these programs indicate Family Honor has made a difference for families. Parents said things like:

  • I liked the Catholic values this program presented and the detailed physiology discussion;
  • I loved the discussion of SPICE. It was wonderful to see the physical, spiritual and emotional come together.
  • It was wonderful to hear the emphasis on being chaste and that chastity is for everyone, including men. This information was so critical and so beneficial.
  • This program is extremely well run. The professionalism and organization of this is outstanding…presenters, materials, handouts. I can recognize a well-run event and this is great.
  • The program is a great vehicle to communicate important information and our Catholic values to our child.
  • I loved learning how I can communicate with my son and daughter about my Catholic beliefs on sexuality.
  • I felt the information was very age-appropriate without being too vague. It was very helpful in getting the ball rolling for me to communicate such a delicate subject.
  • This was a great group overall. The presenters seemed genuinely concerned in preparing teens to understand chastity. The program helped us parents understand we are here to teach teens to grow up to be great adults.
  • It opened a door for me that haven’t been opened before between my daughter and me. I definitely feel more comfortable and confident discussing chastity with her.
  • Awesome! Personal stories and experiences were very welcomed. I truly learned from you guys. Thank you so much for your time and dedication.

Even the teens who attended our programs were impacted with the message of chastity.

  • I liked the ability I was given to communicate in a new way with my mother.
  • It helped my parents start to understand me more.
  • This program was very well organized and the presenters were prepared to teach us.
  • The program offered an approachable atmosphere and I really enjoyed the small group discussions.
  • I found other kids like me here today; it was fun and I learned a lot.
  • That I was able to learn all these important things I need to know as I get older.
  • I enjoyed learning about sexuality and what chastity really means.
  • I learned about what it means to be chaste and how to respect myself and others.
  • I really liked the extremely awesome presenters who were able to show and teach young teens about chastity in a fun way.
  • I enjoyed the program more than I thought I would!

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