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Prom Mom and Son
Parents: Read These Tips for Prom Season!
Parents – remember Prom? It’s probably changed a bit since you were in high school, and not just when it comes to music.  Your teen is counting on you to guide them through this new experience so that they can experience a night of good memories without regret.  Because this is a new experience, it can be helpful to clarify family rules and beliefs as the plans are being made.  This prevents surprises and allows teens to focus on having a good time.  Family Honor has created some tips for discussions to have, plans to make and things to keep in mind as your child begins “prom season”.

Prom Teens
Teens: Check Out These Tips for Prom Season!
Prom.  That magical night when rules don’t apply, actions don’t have consequences and the guy from the football team realizes that his romantic destiny is that girl who’s captain of the Mathletes. Not so much

Cultural Implications
Grow Your Faith
Ever been in a discussion with family members or friends and thought: ‘I wish I could respond better to comments about Catholic teaching on sex, marriage, family and faith’? If your answer is yes consider registering for The Truth and Meaning of Sexuality, Love & Family: Cultural Implications. Offered by Family Honor, this content-rich course provides a framework for understanding Church teaching on those important topics and more. An ‘on demand’ online format lets you access course content when it’s convenient for you! There is also a final weekend in-person session in Columbia, SC with students from around the country.

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