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For 25 years, Family Honor has served families across the U.S. through our programs that bring parents and children together to connect and communicate about some of the most important topics in life.

We’ve also served parents and ministry leaders internationally through our online course, The Truth and Meaning of Sexuality, Love & Family. Adult students from Canada, South Africa, Italy, Philippines, Brazil and West Indies have taken our course to be better prepared to talk about chastity, virtue, healthy family life, fertility appreciation and child development.

FH Student Letter

In a recent study, teens were asked: “If you could change anything about your      family situation, what would it be?”

The most frequent response from those teens was: “To become closer to my parents.”

When they were asked:  “Why aren’t you closer?” they responded: “I don’t know how to do it.”

For 25 years, parents have trusted Family Honor to provide unique programs that bring parents and their children together to help them connect and communicate about some of the most important things in life.

Every week parents like Beth contact Family Honor. They ask for help in talking with their kids about sex and chastity from a faith-based perspective.

These parents trust Family Honor because of our 25 years of service to families. They know that coming to one of our parent-child programs provides a unique and important opportunity for them and their child to talk about chastity in an atmosphere that’s respectful, fun and faith-based.  And they know these conversations are urgently needed in a culture that is aggressively promoting sex in a way that treats people as products, not as images of God.