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Find Out: What IS a Parent to Say?
“There is probably no more challenging task for a parent than guiding their son or daughter to a positive and right understanding of sexuality in a sex-saturated world. Indeed, how can we talk about sex in a way that conveys that it is much more than body parts and functions?  Parents know that it is a topic that deserves more than ‘the talk’ and rules on what one should not do.But the ‘how to’ of putting sexuality  in the context of one’s relationship with God, one’s own self respect, and respect for others is enough to tie a parent up in knots!”

So begins Family Honor’s book, Sex and Chastity: What’s a Parent to Say?  Family Honor understands that, in the unrelentingly aggressive so-called ‘popular culture’ that we are living in, parents often need a ‘jump start’ to initiate these important conversations with their sons and daughters. That’s why we’re here – to encourage, equip and empower parents to be the primary people their children and teens come to, to discuss the ‘big issues’ in life. Our online course, our parent-child programs, our resources, our media interviews, and our special events and conferences are all designed, first and foremost, with parents in mind.

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Brenda Cerkez

Brenda Cerkez
Executive Director

Enjoy this short testimonial from a mom and her daughter who attended one of Family Honor’s recent Real Love & Real Life programs together:

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A Mother’s Legacy

Many years ago I received a book from my in-laws as a present for Mother’s day. It was a diary of sorts for me to record my “life story”. Read more at:

Why Religion Matters – Mother-Child Relationship

Mother-Child Relationship. Compared with mothers who did not consider Religion important, those who deemed Religion to be very important rated their relationship with their child significantly higher, according to a 1999 study. Read more at: of-religious-practice-on-social-stability

Mothers of the Church

Listen to a great interview at Catholic Answers on the Mothers of the Church:

What It Takes to Lead a Happy Life (Relationship with Parents Matters!):

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