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New Articles and Updates for November

Brenda CerkezThank You!
This is a month for giving thanks and thus we’d like to say 

Thank you to those who support us financially. Your support helps make it possible for Family Honor to continue to provide the opportunities, language and tools for parents to have those all-important conversations with their children about the truth and meaning of God’s gift of sexuality, even as society   continues to promote a perspective on sex that degrades the dignity of the human person and – in many cases – downplays or ignores the rights of parents.

Thank you to those who participated in a Family Honor program with your son or daughter!

Thank you to those who give us prayer support. It is the foundation for all we do!

Thank you to those who help us help families: board, staff, consultants, volunteers and over 120 presenters around the U.S. who present our programs. You are a wonderful, dedicated group and I am privileged to work with you!

Thank you to those who participated in a webinar or our online course, or who attended an information session, or visited our website, or reached out to us to ask questions or order resources.  By educating yourself on chastity, virtue, parenting, and other important life issues, you will be able to evangelize more effectively in your own sphere of influence.

Remember, Family Honor values your interest in our mission and work, and we are always happy to help you!  Call us at: 803.929.0858 or email us at:

Eblast - 2013 - November - Photo - Chris and childrenRead About Family Honor’s Impact
“Family Honor has given me the desire, the opportunity, and the tools to think about my God-given sexual powers and their purpose.”

Vincent Weaver

Find Practical Answers
Each week, Family Honor will be posting tips on our blog regarding how to answer children’s questions on sex, love, marriage and more. If you’re a parent and need some practical help on handling these delicate conversations, you’ll want to check out these questions and answers …

Eblast - 2013 - November - photo of dad and son

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Experience a Family Honor’s unique chastity education programs with your child and you’ll connect and communicate in some wonderful new ways!  Check our schedule for updates to see if we’re booking programs near you:


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