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New Articles and Updates for May 2014


Schedule a Parent-Child Program

Family Honor’s new program year will begin in August. If you would like to schedule one of our unique family- centered chastity programs at your parish during the 2014-2015 program year, the time to contact us is now! For program descriptions, go to:

To schedule a program, email us at: or call us at 803.929.0858.

Plan for Summer Reading!

Parents, need a little help on book suggestions for your children for the summer? Try these sites shown    below for specific book recommendations.  You know your children best and thus can provide some guidance for your sons and daughters based on their interests, age, maturity, etc.

Plan Your Summer Travel!

Travel Tips Based from John Paul II

Travel Ideas: Shrines and Holy Places

View New Program Photos! Were You There?

We love seeing the happy faces of parents and teens who attend our Family Honor programs. You will,   too, when you visit our program photo gallery! To see the latest photos, taken at Elk County Catholic, visit our program photo gallery at: Program Photos

A Note from the Executive Director

As we wind down our program year, I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all those who made our programs possible over the past nine months or so …

… thank you to all the local parish and school host site coordinators who added Family Honor program coordination to your already full plate. We appreciate you so much!

… thank you to all the pastors and school principals who gave permission for a Family Honor program     at your host site. We are grateful that you understand the importance of a family-centered approach to chastity education!

… thank you to all the parents and guardians who came with your child to experience our program together, and connect on some of the most important topics in life!

… thank you to all the sons and daughters who participated with your parents and were good sports about attending!

… thank you to our generous donors, whose support made a difference in our ability to continue to provide programs, training, resources and special events for families, ministry leaders and others!

… thank you to all of our Family Honor presenters, team leaders, material coordinators, consultants and staff who gave so much of yourself, your time, your energy, your talent and your professionalism to make our programs fun and helpful for families!

God bless you all!