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New Family Honor Website

If you haven’t been to our web site in a while, I think you will like the fresh new look. In October, Family Honor unveiled our newly designed and freshly organized website at Here’s a quick ‘tour’ of the site:

Programs and Training: It’s easy to find information about all of our programs and readers will also find detailed information about our college-level online course “The Truth and Meaning of Sexuality, Love & Family” on the site. (Our next semester begins on January 3, 2012!)

In our News/Be Informed section, viewers can read articles on topics of chastity, sex education, parenting and family as well as find out what’s making news at Family Honor.

The Parent and Teen Tips is a very important section of the web site. Here, parents will find articles pertaining to pertinent topics that their children might be dealing or struggling with. In the Teen Tips section, there are corresponding articles that teens can relate to.

Video Testimonies: This new addition to our web site features parents, teens, presenters and others who share the impact that Family Honor had on their life. It’s inspiring!

“Friends of Family Honor” is another part of the website that we are exceptionally excited about. Here we provide resources and tools for parents and children to come together and connect on life’s important issues, with a special focus on chastity and God’s gift of sexuality. There are multiple articles on a variety of topics such as marriage, family, parenting, sexuality, chastity, health, media, and more! Each topic is introduced with an explanation from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

As one of the goals in our Vision Statement states, “Family Honor will equip parents with the tools they need to have ongoing conversations with their children about important moral and spiritual issues, thus aiding both parents and children in living a happy, healthy and holy life.” The “Friends of Family Honor” section strives to do just that!

Family Honor is also taking advantage of social media outlets. Check out our new Facebook page and be sure to check back often for updates and interesting articles!

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