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New Seminar for Parents

(l to r) Family Honor Presenter Vickie Szabo, FH Exec. Dir. Brenda Cerkez, and Meghan Hackett.

Family Honor is excited to announce that, starting in 2019, we’ll be offering a new seminar for parents.

Titled Bringing the Good News Home, the Seminar will be a ‘hybrid’ of sorts, with a morning session delivered by rotating Family Honor speakers. A variety of topics relating to chastity, parenting, the teen brain, the history of sex education, family life, adolescent development and more will be available and will vary depending on the

needs of parents and the selection of Family Honor speakers.

The afternoon session will typically feature breakout sessions, with either one parent program and another workshop running concurrently, or two Family Honor parent programs running concurrently.

One of the early sites for this new Bringing the Good News Home Seminar will be in Maryland, thanks to the efforts of Vickie Szabo, a Family Honor Presenter temporarily living in Maryland, and Meghan Hackett, a member of a Maryland Homeschool group.

Family Honor Executive Director Brenda Cerkez met with Vickie and Meghan in Maryland in September, and talked about various options for bringing Family Honor programs to the state. At the end of the afternoon, it was decided that a combination approach would work best, and the idea of the new Seminar was born.

Mrs. Cerkez remarked that the timing was Providential in many ways. “Family Honor has been looking at additional ways we can serve more families in new areas, where we might not even have a local team of Family Honor Presenters. We also have a strong desire to do more for the home school community as well. We have high hopes for this new effort!”

According to Mrs. Cerkez, the Maryland program is tentatively scheduled for Spring, 2019 and will be advertised locally. “Our Maryland contacts are working out the details right now, and we’ll have details available by January. Registration will be available on the Family Honor web site.”

For more information on booking a Bringing the Good News Home Seminar for your area, contact the Family Honor office at:  803.929.0858 or