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New Team

Meet Your New Charlotte Team

Mary and David

Mary and David

Family Honor is excited to announce the formation of our new Charlotte, North Carolina team!

For the past few years Family Honor has been working with the Diocese of Charlotte to spread the word about family-centered chastity education. As part of these efforts, Family Honor has twice been invited to deliver a Seminar to ministry leaders in the Diocese and to promote our Leading & Loving program for parents of younger children.

As a result of these initial efforts, two new Presenters have completed Family Honor’s online course and will be delivering in-person, live programs at parishes in the Charlotte Diocese. We are happy to introduce Mary Poehailos and David Foppe to you (pictured in photo). Mary and David will be presenting their first Leading & Loving program at Sacred Heart parish in Salisbury, North Carolina on July 29.

The Leading & Loving program was especially created for parents of younger children who want to get a good start in being well-prepared to respond to their children’s questions relating to love, marriage and s*x. To register for this program, go to: