Providing and promoting a family-centered Catholic approach to chastity education

Online Course

Find Out About the Troubling History of Sex Education,
and Prepare Yourself to Make the Case for
Chastity Education.

Contact Family Honor at or 803.929.0858 to
register for one of these online courses:

Examining Core Issues (Mini-1 Course)
Starts Sept. 24 and ends Nov. 16.
Registration and payment due by Sept. 14. 

The material includes: history of sex ed, overview of sex ed programs, cultural influences, the case for chastity education, parent influence on teen sex, factors relating to onset of teen sex.
Average time needed for course: 7 hours per week.

A follow-up, optional Mini-2 Semester starts Jan. 14 and runs till March 8. You may stop after Mini-1 OR continue on to Mini-2. Successful completion of Mini-1 is a pre-requisite for Mini-2.

For those with limited time, we also offer:
“Understanding the Human Person”
Starts Sept. 17 and ends Nov. 16.  
Registration Form and payment due by Sept. 14.

For those with limited time, but who need succinct information on total person sexuality, theology of the body, anatomy & physiology, fertility appreciation, ungodly sexual behavior & consequences.
Average time needed for the course: 2 hours per week.

Your tuition for both courses includes:  
Access to online course (24 hrs/day & 7 days/week), Instructor feedback, guidance and grading, and hard copy books used in the course.  Family Honor also provides Introductory Webinar for all students at start of course.

Comments from a former adult student in Family Honor’s course:

“As a youth minister, I have learned a lot … that I can present to parents and their children. I know I can present chastity in a better way now … teaching human sexuality is the most important teaching we can do today. Learning about who we are and what our purpose is, goes hand in hand with learning about who God is and why he created us. While there is tremendous depth to all teaching of the Catholic Church, it is her teaching on human sexuality that is under the greatest attack today, and that needs the most explanation and teaching in order to be properly understood.

The impact this knowledge will have on me personally, professionally, and in service to others is immeasurable. I pray that the knowledge that I have now, will further transform how I see myself, my wife, and sexuality in general … my view of sexuality has changed for the better through this course, and I am going to keep working on it, and praying for God’s healing. I know that this knowledge, and God’s grace, will keep transforming me in becoming a loving husband, father, and a Catholic.”