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Online Course

Summer 2018: Online Short Course Options

Register by May 15 for Price Break!

  • Are you a ministry leader interested in continuing education?
  • Or a concerned mom, dad, or single adult who wants to better defend and promote traditional moral values in your circle of family and friends?
  • Or someone who is looking to deepen your relationship with Christ and find out if the Holy Spirit may be leading you to explore a new apostolate for families and youth?

For a limited time this Summer, Family Honor is offering 4 different four-week ONLINE courses that each explore subjects relating to sex, love, marriage, family, theology of the body and more.

Designed for those interested in a college-level format and material, you may take these courses in the order below, or simply pick the one in which you are most interested. You do not have to take all four short courses. (However, Family Honor recommends that, if possible, you start with 1 and continue in the order listed for the most complete exploration and understanding of these related topics.)

The courses are:

1. Modern S*x Education: Where Did It go Wrong?

2. Theology of the Body: What It Means for You

3. Hard Topics: Speaking the Truth in Love

4. The Family: Foundation for a Healthy Culture

  • Courses start the first of each month: June, July, August, and September, and end the last day of each month.
  • Students may take a ‘break’ of a month or two between each quarter, if you would like.
  • Students may also choose to stop after any of the quarters and NOT continue to the next.
  • Registration cost per quarter is $125, with a price break if you register by the 15th of the month prior to the month you want to start the course. Some scholarship funds available.
  • This is college-level material, but no college credit is given. (Our 16-week college credit course will be offered in the Fall.)
  • Students should allow a minimum of 7 hours per week to work on course.

To receive a Registration Form, please fill out the information requested below or email us at: or call our office: 803.929.0858.  You are not considered registered until you fill out the one page Registration Form we will send you AND pay your Registration Fee.

To receive additional details and a Registration Form for our Summer Semester,  please fill out the e-form below today or call Family Honor at: 803.929.0858.

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