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Parent With Older Teens

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Recently, we’ve been getting more calls from parents and parish leaders asking if we have any programs that would bring together parents and their high school-age teen or any programs that would be a follow up to our Real Love & Real Life program (for parents of 8th graders) that would allow parents to get together and to have some ‘continuing education’ that could be helpful to them as their teens get older.

Parents and parish leaders:  we hear you!

We are happy to announce that, starting this fall, we will be piloting a program called Staying Connected. Initially, this program will be for parents only who have teens in Senior

High School.  It will be a one-session program that has two options. It can be held at your local parish either:

  • During the week, in the evening, for 2 ½ hours, or
  • On a Saturday, during the day, in an expanded format of 4 hours that includes lunch 

We are counting on your input as we deliver several pilot programs this year, and based on your needs and the feedback from parish leadership, we will continue to refine the program in the hope that it can be offered more widely in 2017-2018.

To find out more about the program, read our Program Brief

Booking the program is first come, first serve and thus, if you are interested in bringing this program to your local area, please contact Vincent Weaver, our Director of Programs and Training, at 864.275.2871.

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