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Parenting – How Do I Raise Saints?

By: Vincent Weaver

Last week, we looked at how we, as parents, distribute our time.  On average, each set of 2 parents spends about 10 hours each week with their kids out of 148 potentially “available” hours.  And yet, we also discussed the fact that parents are the single greatest influence on their kids’ risk-taking behavior.  So, is 10 hours enough?  Is that enough to make the most of that influence we have?

First, the good news.  According to one study, mothers and fathers rate themselves rather highly as parents.  They also say they desire to spend even more time with their kids.  No real surprises there.  However, parents today “actually devote more time to their children than their forebears did half a century ago”.  In fact, for intact marriages, fathers now spend triple the time with their kids than their counterparts did in the mid-1960s.  Time spent by mothers with their kids has also increased (but by a much more modest amount).  So, the 10 hours spent with one’s kids is apparently a significant increase versus several decades ago.