Providing a Catholic framework on the truth and meaning of sexuality, love, and family

Parents Need Family Honor

Why donate? Because parents let us know they need Family Honor …

“For Our Hispanic community – totally recommend it to help educate our young teens. A lot of help and information for us parents… It was great!! Loved it!!!”
Will you help Family Honor continue to reach out to Hispanic parents?

“My husband is currently a full-time student in grad school and I am at home with our two girls. We are very interested in the online course, but would like more information on how to apply for scholarship money …”

Will you help men and women who want to take Family Honor’s online course?

“… I am a single- parent of a 14 year old. I am interested in having your program come to Chicago … I have been wanting to attend some type of day with my daughter going over the topics of love, chastity, marriage, etc. I know that we really need something like this in Chicago.”

Will you help parents and teens in new areas experience better communication through Family Honor programs?

… and Family Honor needs your support.

Like all non-profits, Family Honor regularly needs help in ‘filling the gap’ between the fees we charge for programs, courses and resources, and what it actually costs us to provide them for parents, teens, ministry leaders and others.

Thus, our goal this year for Birdies is ambitious and necessary – $30,000 in pledges by April 7. Your participation can help us reach it. We are humbly requesting you to please be as generous as possible with your gift and to please join others in making a sacrificial pledge.

• Your $50 pledge can help pay for one teen learning about chastity and Christ-like love in a Family Honor program.
• Your $250 or $500 pledge can help pay half or full tuition for 1 person for our online course, The Truth and Meaning of Sexuality, Love & Family.
• And your $1,000 + pledge can help us bring our in-person parent-child programs to new areas across the U.S.

Please make your pledge to Family Honor through Birdies for Charity today.
(Deadline is April 7.) Go to:

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