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Parents Praise Family Honor Programs!

Family Honor programs bring parents and their children together to discuss the true meaning of love, chastity, fertility, friendship, true self-worth, sexuality and much more in an age-appropriate manner. It is always gratifying to hear about the positive impact our programs have on families. Read what three families had to say about their experience with Family Honor!

“We would recommend the Family Honor program to anyone with children. We thought the program was well done and very, very informative. The presentation, including the audience participation, etc., was right on target. The program really made our daughter think about chastity in a different and more complete way. As parents we also completed the program more informed and with a better understanding of this most important virtue. We hope to have our two younger daughters participate in the program when they come of age. Again, thanks for a top notch program!”
–David & Kathy Mikolajczyk

“I recently went to a wonderful program with my 12 year old daughter put on by Family Honor, Inc. called Real Love & Real Life. It was probably the best thing I have ever done with and for her. The program was all about making good decisions as a young person in regards to sexuality and growing as a whole person designed in the image of God. I could have used something like this before I was in high school!”
–Ohio Parent

“We had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Family Honor program with our 14 year old son at St. Andrew Parish. This is a priceless education for families about the value of human life, the virtue of chastity, and the importance of personal respect. The Family Honor program is recommended for all teens and their parents – especially during the most vulnerable time in a teen’s young adult life. As a family, together we learned how to communicate more effectively with each other and in a respectful manner. Our son has learned that communication is the key in all relationships. Our teenage children are now more comfortable in discussing personal issues with us that concern them. As parents, we have learned to listen to them and guide them more effectively.

The Family Honor Team was energetic, informative, and kept all participants involved. We are glad we participated in the Family Honor program and would highly recommend it to any parent with teenage children.”
–Scott & Regina Heddinger
St. Andrew Parishioners

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