Providing a Catholic framework on the truth and meaning of sexuality, love, and family


For Parents Only:

Tips for Helping Your Teen Navigate Today’s Sex-Saturated Culture with Faith, Hope, and Love

Updated brochure provides research and practical tips that parents will find helpful as they seek to raise happy, healthy, holy teens. Great resource for parents to order on their own, or for schools, parishes or family life offices to distribute at parent events or make available at the church.

$30.00 for packet of 100



More Information:

Note that ordering ‘1’ in the space indicated above means you are ordering one packet of 100 brochures for $30.00. Ordering 2 indicates you are ordering two packets of 100 brochures each and the cost would be $60, etc. To order quantities of 1-29 brochures, call the Family Honor office: 803-929-0858. Individual brochures are .30 each.

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