Providing a Catholic framework on the truth and meaning of sexuality, love, and family


Through a variety of parish-based, family-centered programs, Family Honor presenters bring parents and their children together to discuss the true meaning of love, chastity, fertility, friendship, true self-worth, sexuality and much more in an age-appropriate manner.

How effective is Family Honor?

Leading & Loving

Whether your children are infants, first graders or early teens, Leading & Loving can help you develop better parenting skills and learn how to build a stronger family.

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Changes & Challenges

This program, geared to 6th graders and their parents, helps families understand the “changes and challenges” of puberty and provides resources and tips for raising happy, healthy and holy children.

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Real Love & Real Life

For 8th graders and their parents, this program discusses the real meaning of love, growing in virtue, fertility appreciation, developing one’s whole self (SPICE) and much more.

S = developing Spiritually;
P = developing Physically;
I = developing Intellectually;
C = developing Creatively;
E = growing Emotionally

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