Providing a Catholic framework on the truth and meaning of sexuality, love, and family

Leading & Loving

Whether your children are infants, first graders or early teens, Leading & Loving can help you develop better parenting skills and learn how to build a stronger family.

Practical Principles for Catholic Parents

Pope Saint John Paul II said that the family was the foremost school of virtue and that it is in and through the family that one learns how to be a gift to others. Through the family, children learn about the world around them; children learn right from wrong; children learn about morals and values; and children learn foundational lessons they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Parents are called to be the primary educators of their children. Family Honor’s Leading
& Loving program assists parents by providing opportunities to learn principles to
help their children grow in goodness and virtue. In this program, parents will learn
how to be good role models; help their children grow in the virtue of chastity; aid
their children’s understanding and appreciation of God’s gift of sexuality; and guide
parents in answering the challenging questions that children ask.

Family Honor’s Leading & Loving program will work with parents to create an individual
plan for purposeful parenting. By providing hope, practical tools, and key basic
concepts, this program strives to empower parents to become knowledgeable, confident,
and competent leaders of their families.

Leading & Loving will also assist parents in cultivating Catholic virtues and values
through the activities and conversations of everyday family life. The six-module program
presents the beautiful truths of human sexuality, family life and virtue cultivation
through the lens of Pope St. John Paul II’s landmark teaching known as
“Theology of the Body.”

The Leading & Loving program modules include:

• Sex—What does it Really Mean? How do I affirm this truth in my child?
• The Language of Love—How do I Speak it? How do I teach my child to be a loving person?
• The Birds & Bees—Teaching More than Facts: How do I answer my child’s questions with a sense of awe and wonder for God’s gift of sexuality?
• Formation in Virtue: Raising Good Kids: How do I help my child grow in virtue?
• Broken Heart—Dealing with Tough Issues: How do I respond to my child age-appropriately, with truth and mercy?
• Growing a Joyful, Faith-Filled Family: How do I cultivate a joyful family life?

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