Providing a Catholic framework on the truth and meaning of sexuality, love, and family

Real Love & Real Life

(Parents with their 8th grade child)

Teaches parents and adolescents to build a better family life by learning to communicate, anticipate and deal with changes. This is a 3-session program that meets once per week for 3 weeks in a row, on the same night each week, for 2 hours each session. This can also be presented in a weekend format (Friday evening/Saturday, or Saturday only.) For parents with their 8th grade son or daughter. Topics include: fertility appreciation, learning about appropriate future dating behavior (as in older teens), developing values and responsibilities in the family, the changes in adolescence, and much more. Skits, role play, video clips, small group-breakouts, parent-child focused time, and audience participation make this a fast-paced and interesting program for both parents and adolescents.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Real Love & Real Life Program:

Q. What happens at a Family Honor Real Love & Real Life program
A. . Imagine a large room filled with parents and teens. Lots of colorful graphics and props are set up; the Bridge of Communication, the SPICE flower, the Taboo Game, the Broken Heart and more. You are sitting with your son or daughter and your arm is around your teen. Some parents volunteer to be in a skit. There are a lot of smiles and laughter. Some teens volunteer to assist in a demonstration. A short DVD is shown. Parents and teens work on an exercise together and find out something about each other they didn’t know. More smiles! That’s a Family Honor Real Love & Real Life program!

Q. Who comes to a Family Honor program?
A. You, as a parent or guardian, with your 8th grader. Usually, families are connected by a parish, school, or other community organization so you can encourage one another as you continue raising your children. Typically, 20-40 families attend a program.

Q. But doesn’t my child get sex education already in school?
A. Sex ed programs exist in many different formats. But the most important ingredient is usually missing – parents! Experts now recognize that it’s the parent-child connection that matters most. Family Honor gives you, as a parent or guardian, the rare opportunity to participate with your teen in a spiritually-based chastity education program delivered by a team of experienced men, women, and teen presenters.

Q. Won’t it be embarrassing to be with my teen, and in a room with other families?
A. Actually, parent participants typically say they wish they’d had a program like this when they were young! Because the right understanding of our sexuality is central to our relationship with God and others, Real Love & Real Life covers many topics; recognizing our true worth, growing in virtue and becoming a loving person in our families. When we discuss God’s gift of sexuality, it is presented in an age-appropriate way that respects the modesty of all participants.*

Q. How do I know if Real Love & Real Life is right for my teen?
A. We recognize that there are different needs and appropriate topics at various levels of adolescent development, so we created the Real Love & Real Life program specifically for 8th grade teens and their parents.

Topics for this four session program include:

*Important Note: Fertility and conception are explained in an age-appropriate way as part of God’s plan for husband and wife. Moms/daughters and dads/sons will be in separate rooms for this session. When possible, we recommend both parents attend the program. If a dad or mom can’t attend with their same-sex child, we recommend that a same-sex family member or significant adult in the child’s life attend with him or her.