Providing a Catholic framework on the truth and meaning of sexuality, love, and family

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ChrisFamily Honor programs make an impact on the way families connect and communicate about sex, love, marriage, chastity … and more. We hear back from parents and teens all the time about how their family was helped. Read these personal testimonies and be encouraged!

“Family Honor has given me the desire, the opportunity, and the tools to think about my God-given sexual powers and their purpose.  If the purpose of all my life is God’s glory, how do my sexual powers fit into that?  How do I glorify God in every stage of my life?  How do I glorify Him as a uniquely-created  woman? …  My teenagers learn to wisely consider their relationships with their peers.  My daughter is not caught off-guard by desire.  She considers the differences between her own and her boyfriend’s response to cuddling and to words, and loves him by being prudent. My relationships with friends whose sexuality has been damaged are more wise and compassionate than if I had not been taught to understand the deep wounds caused by abuse and misuse. Thank you, Family Honor, for preparing me to encounter the social and spiritual warfare of our day with wisdom, strength, compassion, and grace.  I need God every day!”

— Chris Courson, parent

“Family Honor was a great experience as a teenager! It was presented in ways that me and my parents couldn’t ever accomplish. It even inspired me right then to go out and buy my own purity ring.  Thank you.”

— Jacqueline McGee, teen

“I attended the Family Honor program with both of my sons, and just recently with my 13 yr old daughter. I love how the program flows into the truths of who we are and how we should live our lives as holy children of God. I feel the young adults learn more in a more meaningful way than what us parents would attempt to teach. Family Honor is worth the time!  Thank you.”

— Elizabeth McGee, parent

“We attended the Family Honor weekend with our 13 year old son. We were part of a group that included his friends from Scouts and school. We were so grateful to share information about dating and waiting to share your love with your spouse. The workshop format and breakouts made it fun and we all learned ways to talk about God’s plans for this important role in life.  Sharing these talks in a larger group helped the kids see that it’s not just what their parents think and the message left a bigger impression. Family Honor is a fitting title. The whole experience gave all of us time to reflect and talk about how we can honor God’s plan for families.  Can I also say this is not just a Catholic message? It applies to all Christians.”

— Bobby and Susan Suggs, parents

Eblast - 2013 - Photo of Christian LeBlanc[Family Honor’s Real Love & Real Life program is] “a substantial, orthodox, … and engaging program. Content is matched to each audience by age and sex, and will give any family a boost in providing its children a chastity-based worldview. Well worth the time.”

— Christian LeBlanc, Parent, Author