Providing a Catholic framework on the truth and meaning of sexuality, love, and family

Family Honor presents “Real Love & Real Life” in Mt. Pleasant, SC!

On September 16 and 17, a team of Family Honor presenters traveled to Christ Our King parish in Mt. Pleasant, SC, offering South Carolina’s first Real Love & Real Life program of the year in the Charleston, SC area. Twenty-six families participated in this unique, interactive and fun event. Parents and students participated in skits and games; learned a variety of communication techniques and what it means to be a good listener; and had time to focus on specific topics of conversation within their family. Teens also came to understand what real love is all about; learned the value of taking small steps when it comes to future dating; and found out more about God’s gift of sexuality.

Christ Our King is a long-standing host site for Family Honor and is currently utilizing the organization’s Real Love & Real Life program as part of Confirmation preparation for their 8th grade students.

“Very educational, open, friendly, easy-to-understand and fun!”

That is one of many enthusiastic comments made by parents who participated in Family Honor’s Real Love & Real Life program. When asked what they liked most about the program, here is some of what the parents said:

  • Real Love & Real Life told us that we all have value because we are His children and we are all an image of God.
  • Real Love & Real Life addressed the issues head on;
  • Real Love & Real Life had friendly and committed presenters;
  • Real Love & Real Life teaches children to respect themselves;
  • Real Love & Real Life gave me an opportunity to hear my daughter’s concerns;
  • Real Love & Real Life’s TEEN presenters provided great role-models for the students;
  • Real Love & Real Life opened up communication between me and my child for the future;
  • Real Love & Real Life offered us the ability to talk about sex and family.

When teen participants were asked what they liked most about the Real Love & Real Life they responded with some of the following comments:

  • I liked the way the presenters talked about developing in all areas of life through SPICE;
  • I learned what chastity means, how to live chastely and to respect my body;
  • It was great to learn about life, real love and being created in God’s image.

For more information on how to bring a Family Honor program to your parish or diocese, please contact us at 803-929-0858.

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