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Some New Additions to Our Program Line-up

–Mary Ann Fey, Director of Product Development

Leading & Loving:
Family Honor is excited to announce the piloting of “Leading & Loving,” a program that will empower parents of young children with hope, tools and a plan to raise their children with respect and reverence for the gift of their sexuality. This dynamic program will be introduced in South Carolina in January, 2012 and in St. Louis, Missouri in March, 2012.

The “Leading & Loving” program will build on the foundation of the Theology of the Body and provide parents of young children with a positive language to respond to their child’s natural curiosity and questions about sex. The program will help parents develop the clarity to address the ungodly sexual behaviors pervasive in our culture with truth and compassion. “Leading & Loving” will encourage parents to see their family as the first school of life and the context of the family as the most important place for forming their child in virtue.

In each session of the six-part program, parents will view a powerful DVD that engages their minds and hearts. The DVD for each session will reflect the particular theme that will be addressed in that session. Also, as part of each session, two professionally prepared Family Honor presenters then lead parents through activities to help them learn practical strategies to implement at home. “Leading & Loving” has the potential to strengthen young Catholic families and impact the next generation of teens and young adults with a profound appreciation for the truth and goodness of their sexuality.

Real Love & Real Life:
“Real Love & Real Life,” a program for parents with their 7th or 8th grader, is Family Honor’s most popular program.

Over the past 20 years “Real Love & Real Life” has been revised and improved to better engage parents and their young teens to connect and communicate about God’s gift of sexuality. To respond to the increasing challenges to raise virtuous young people in a culture mired in degrading sexuality, Family Honor will bring a new, revised “Real Love & Real Life” to families across the country in 2012.

The cornerstone of this program will continue to be Family Honor’s unique way of engaging parents and teens in understanding the core truths of the Theology of the Body. No other organization presents the story of human fertility to families in such a dignified and sacred way. The new and improved “Real Love & Real Life” will launch parents and their young teens down the road of ongoing communication about friendships, dating, chastity, life goals and their future vocation.

A hallmark of Family Honor programs is its excellent presenters. That will not change, but “Real Love & Real Life” teams of presenters will be implementing an even better program in 2012 to strengthen and empower families.

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