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Family Honor resources are designed for parents, chastity educators and ministry leaders who are looking for faith-based materials which accurately reflect the truth and meaning of God’s gift of sexuality and the virtue of chastity. Family Honor has been the trusted name in family-centered chastity education for nearly 30 years and we are happy to serve you!

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Our Power to Love – God’s Gift of Our Sexuality

Nuestro Poder de Amar Nuestra Sexualidad, un Regalo de Dios

Understanding Chastity | The Mystery of Human Sexuality

The Wonder of Me Fertility Appreciation for Adolescents and Parents

La Maravilla de Mi (Spanish Version of The Wonder of Me) Fertilidad El aprecio por los adolescentes y padres

For Parents Only:

Tips for Helping Your Teen Navigate Today’s Sex-Saturated Culture with Faith, Hope, and Love 

Our Power to Love | God’s Gift of Our Sexuality

The Wonder of Me | Fertility Appreciation for Parents and Adolescents