Providing a Catholic framework on the truth and meaning of sexuality, love, and family

Student Testimony about The Truth and Meaning of Sexuality, Love & Family

“This Course … Has Been Phenomenal!”

by Spring, 2013 Student L.S.

This interactive online course on The Truth and Meaning of Sexuality, Love, and Family has been phenomenal!  I have learned a ton and am amazed at how much I did not know about sex education in the United States.  When my friend told me how much she loved the course, I felt this tug in my heart to find out what she was talking about as I am always open to learning new things. I really did not know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised at the depth and the range of areas of topics that relate to sexuality, love and marriage.

I could tell that whoever designed the course content and curriculum knew what they were doing and has had some experience in interactive online course work. This was my first course taken online and it was a really good experience. I want to thank everyone who was involved in putting it together. You all deserve a pat on the back.

This course already has greatly impacted my life for the better! I now have a better outlook and a greater knowledge on what sexuality truly means … All of it will impact my job because I work in ministry with children and with parents.  I will be better able to inform the parents I work with on the importance of virtuous living, and knowing what the church teaches and what God says about sexuality, love and marriage. Before the course, I was not very well-versed in and familiar to this area. Surprisingly, it prompted me to have conversations with my two older girls who are 21 & 24, who I would not have done so if I had not taken this course.

I have a greater knowledge base of sex education, chaste living, virtue formation, Theology of the Body, male and female complementarity, church documents on chaste living, marriage and family life, statistics on what divorce and single families do to children, ungodly behaviors and their consequences, and child development and self-esteem. This is information that will help me promote and evangelize on sexuality, love and marriage in the way God intends.Thank you!

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