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Summer Family Bonding Fun

Summer usually means freedom, fun, and new experiences! It gives you a chance to be with friends more – or get away and make some new friends. These experiences can be a great opportunity to grow in all your SPICE areas – Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Creative and Emotional.

Summer is also a great time to have some good bonding time with your family. Believe it or not, your parents do want to stay connected with you and they enjoy hearing about all the new experiences you are having. These ideas are ways YOU can take the lead to help your family have fun and grow closer.

Ways to Stay Connected:

  • Bring armloads of comforters, pillows and blankets in front of the largest TV in the house and have movie night, all cozy together. Make sure you have lots of snacks.
  • Build a campfire in the backyard (in a grill or fire pit), and roast hot dogs on sticks and make s’mores with chocolate bars, marshmallows, and graham crackers. Sit around, tell stories and enjoy the night air and sounds.
  • Go miniature golfing together. Go to the dollar store ahead of time to get some tacky prizes for the winners, both old and young.
  • If your parents work and you drive, ask if you can bring them lunch one day and eat with them. Or if you don’t drive, fix a lunch for your mom or dad and invite them to come home.
  • Organize a neighborhood carnival with admission being food items for your local food pantry or St. Vincent de Paul Society.
  • Invite your mom or dad to take a walk or bike ride with you. Parents can always use the exercise!
  • If you’re involved in a youth group, invite your parents to chaperone a trip that you’ll be taking for the summer.
  • Ask your mom or dad to teach you to cook breakfast and then offer to cook for the family before or after Sunday Mass.
  • If you have a cell phone, leave it in your room (or some other place that you won’t hear or see it) when you’re eating with your family.
  • Invite your mom or dad to get involved in a summer volunteer project with you.
  • Volunteer to help your mom or dad clean out the garage, attic, or some closets and then organize a garage sale.

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