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Listen to Vickie’s Story

One of the great things about Family Honor is that we’ve been presenting our parent-child programs long enough so that we are seeing the teens who went through our programs become parents themselves! Vickie Szabo was a former Teen Presenter for Family Honor. She’s now a wife and mother of three young children. Hear what she has to say about Family Honor and her experience in this short video.

A Call Within a Call


Rebecca and Tom Gjostein and Family

As I reflect on how Family Honor has affected my life over the past decade and a half, the words of St. Teresa of Calcutta come to mind.  She referred to her service to the poor as “a call within a call,” a more specific mission under the umbrella of her religious vocation.

I believe that this describes Family Honor in my life.  It certainly didn’t happen overnight.  As a young woman, as a wife, and now as a mother, God has been forming me, all along, to seek Him and His perfect love.  Only His perfect, divine, merciful love can fill the space in my heart that belongs to Him alone.  Before learning about Family Honor’s family-centered chastity education programs, I was working as an Abstinence Education Instructor.  Knowing that the abstinence message was incomplete, I longed to share the fullness of God’s truth with the families that I served.

Family Honor’s training course, (now called The Truth and Meaning of Sexuality, Love & Family) prepared me to do just that.

My husband and I were actually dating while we were both working on the course.  This course formed our relationship, which became stronger.  It brought us closer together.  Tom even proposed to me during the final in-person weekend of the course!  [Note: Family Honor’s online course used to be held as an in-person, classroom-based course.]

God brought us together in a more self-giving love, despite having had very different life experiences.  And now, within the marriage vocation, we are better equipped, through grace, to lead each other to heaven and to form our children in the virtues, pointing them towards the same goal.

The most significant lesson that I have recently learned, personally, was a direct result of my role as a Family Honor Program Presenter.  I had to ask myself… Just how clearly am I mirroring God’s image to the families that I serve, or to my own family for that matter?  Do I have earthly attachments that are clouding God’s perfect message that I am trying to present?  Am I willing to give up those attachments in order to better serve God and His people?

“The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.”  I am a work in progress.  Please pray for me, and for all of our Family Honor presenters and administrators.  The battle is real!  Ask the Holy Family to intercede for us, for the sake of all families.  Come Holy Spirit!

Thank you, to all of our Family Honor Presenters and administrators, for “fighting the good fight”.

Thank you, to all who have supported our local Family Honor affiliate here in Ohio.

Thank you, to all who have supported the entire Family Honor mission, with your time, talent, treasure and prayer.  You have responded faithfully to your “call within a call”.  May God continue to bless you and your family!

~ Rebecca Gjostein, Program Presenter

Family Honor of Central Ohio

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Why Are People Signing Up for Family Honor’s Pilgrimage?


“I am counting the days until our pilgrimage to Poland! This once in a lifetime trip to visit places that our beloved JPII and Sister Faustina walked and talked, can only bring holiness and fun! I wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity. I am thankful to Family Honor for sponsoring this adventure!” – Christy Brown

Please be sure to check back with us soon to meet more pilgrims to Poland!