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Watch Family Honor Explain Chastity through the SPICE Concept!

For over twenty years, Family Honor has been helping parents, their teens, and pre-teens talk about whole-person chastity through the SPICE concept. What exactly is the SPICE Concept and how can it help you teach your kids about sexuality?

We are all created in the image and likeness of God. Because we are either male or female, we are all sexual beings. But what exactly does that mean?

God created each of us as special individuals. There is no other person on earth like us! Each one of us is unique in so many ways and we present ourselves and our uniqueness to the world through our bodies. However, our sexuality is more than just body parts and functions; our sexuality is about who we are as those unique individuals that God created.

Just as spices add flavor to food, a person’s SPICE adds flavor to our lives. Check out what we mean.

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