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Do One Small Thing

Would you be willing to do a ‘small thing’ for the love of your neighbor?
For the love of God?

Perhaps there is no greater misunderstanding in today’s culture than on the topic of sex.

And perhaps there is no greater need in today’s culture than for brave men and women who are willing to defend and promote the truth and meaning of God’s gift of sexuality and being created male and female in His image.

But where to get started?

Have you ever considered trying Family Honor’s online mini-course, The Truth and Meaning of Sexuality, Love and Family?

Family Honor is starting a new online semester of this life-changing mini-course on January 8 and we’re inviting you to sign up.

When you register, you’ll join others from around the U.S. who are taking that first small step.

They are joining this online class for a variety of reasons.

  • Some have suffered from poor choices regarding sex, marriage and relationships and they are seeking change.
  • Or they know friends and family members who have suffered – and they want to help themselves and others understand the truth.
  • Others want continuing education and to learn more about Church teaching on these subjects.
  • Still others want answers as a parent.
  • Some will even go on to join one of our Family Honor teams and become Program Presenters.

Whatever your reason might be, please take the first step. Go to for more info, then contact the Family Honor office today for details:  803.929.0858 or Registration deadline is extended to Dec. 20. Some scholarships available.

Please consider taking this first small step. For the love of your neighbor. For the love of God.