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Why Should You Take Family Honor’s Online Course?

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There are as many different reasons men and women take our online course, The Truth and Meaning of Sexuality, Love, and Family, as there are people who have taken the course!

We thought it might be interesting – and helpful to you – to hear directly from some of the folks who have recently signed up for the course, so here goes:

Ministry leader:

“For the past few years, I’ve been involved with ministries involving the couples and the families. I think I was called to this ministry because of the many issues, problems, and challenges faced by Catholic families today. While I was involved in these family ministries, I became aware of the misconceptions both inside and outside the Church in the areas of sexuality and theology of the body. I feel that participating in this [Family Honor] course will give me the knowledge, insight, and tools I need to challenge these misconceptions by providing a clear understanding of Church doctrine in these areas.”

Mother and Teacher

“I wanted to be able to better teach my 10-year-old the beauty of Catholic Sexual teachings and TOB [Theology of the Body]. I want to start conversations with my adult children who never heard this message. At some point, I may want to be some type of instructor for this material.” 

Ministry leader:

“My wife and I attended a Family Honor conference several years ago and were very impressed with the approach to teaching human sexuality. I have previously been a part of teaching Life Teen in our parish using TOB [Theology of the Body] and have seen the fruits of the truth. I wish to be able to more effectively communicate these truths within my own family and also help to share the truths with others in our family and the greater community.”


“First and foremost, I would like to take the knowledge gained from the class and apply it within my own family. I believe some benefits from taking the course will be personal growth, marriage strengthening, and wisdom to pass along to my children. My hope is that I will become comfortable enough in my knowledge of all that Family Honor teaches to be able to be an instructor. My husband hopes to become an associate presenter and my teenage daughter is interested in being a teen presenter. I believe in the message that Family Honor is teaching. I want to be a part of it and pass this important teaching on to others while working alongside my own family.”

Young Adult:

“I have a passion for learning and seeking truth. In the past year, God has lead me to become an active volunteer and teacher for religious education students in my parish. I really enjoy teaching Theology of the Body, so my mother recommended that I take this class to learn more about sexuality, love, and family. I am motivated to take this course to advance my education and to better my communication skills on the truth of sexuality, love, and family. I have a goal to better understand the common misunderstandings of sex, love, and family. I hope to become a more formed Catholic and to become a better leader for my generation.”

Teacher and Mother:

“I have 8 children several of whom have been through the Family Honor Program. It is a very valuable program, so I would like to be a part of it. Chastity was valued in my home growing up and my mother was really ahead of her time. My siblings and I garnered much of our confidence in the lessons we learned from her about our self-worth.”


Some questions for you to think about:

~          Would you consider taking this course?

~          If not, why?

~          If yes, what is holding you back?

~          Would you like to ask us any questions or get more information?            

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