“Family Honor has made a big impact on my life.”


“Family Honor has made a big impact on my life in many ways. As a young teenage girl, I attended Family Honor programs. I know, without a doubt, that this made a difference in my life …


However, not until I’ve grown up, gotten married, and recently had my first baby girl, did I realize the significance of what I was taught and how incredibly valuable it is to hear the truth of God’s purpose for sexuality and family life in those middle school years.


This shapes a young teenager’s perspective on such a crucial topic, early on, and prepares them for the challenges regarding the topic of sexuality that they will face in today’s society during their high school and college years.


I also believe that the topics presented in Family Honor programs opened up communication opportunities for me and my parents that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible without the programs. I will certainly be enrolling my daughter in the program as soon as she’s old enough to attend.


The organization means a lot to me … I simply cannot recommend Family Honor enough and strongly encourage all parents with teenagers to consider it. Our world will throw all sorts of mixed messages about sexuality at our teens and young adults today, and Family Honor will help combat this confusion for your teen and your family by speaking God’s truth and beauty of His purpose for sexuality and family.”  – Brigid