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Announcing a First!

Family Honor Delivers Spanish-Language

Leading & Loving Program for Parents

by Brenda Cerkez, Family Honor Executive Director

Joyful. Hopeful. Faith-filled.

These are just a few of the words I would use to describe Family Honor’s first Leading & Loving program delivered entirely in Spanish.

Held at The Basilica of St. Peter’s in Columbia, South Carolina on Friday evening, Feb. 19 and Saturday, Feb. 20, Leading & Loving is Family Honor’s program for parents of younger children, with a purpose of assisting those parents in cultivating Catholic virtues and values through the conversations of everyday family life.

The Spanish language program (which has been delivered in English for many years by Family Honor Presenters in several states) was made possible thanks to the perseverance of Ana Hidalgo, Director of Hispanic Ministry at St. Peter’s, and the leadership and talents of three of Family Honor’s bilingual Presenters: Natalia Gracia, who came over to South Carolina from Atlanta, Georgia, to deliver the program in person, and Raul and Marilyn Alonso, who delivered various program segments live, via Zoom, from Huntsville, Alabama.

In addition, the program was the culmination of several years worth of preparation by Family Honor, mainly in translating our Parent Workbook and also our Our Power to Love guide for parents and teens. In addition, Family Honor had added Spanish subtitles to the six short videos that are shown as part of this program.

<< Family Honor Presenters Natalia, Marilyn, and Raul.

The program opened with music on Friday night, with Ana (accompanied by her guitar) leading the group in several choruses of “Let Everyone Say Who Is the King of Kings” in Spanish.

Friday night then featured the first two segments of Leading & Loving: Sex: What Does It Really Mean and The Language of Love: How Do I Speak It. It continued on Saturday, starting at 9:00 am and ending at 2:00 pm, with presentations that included: The Birds and The Bees: Teaching More Than Facts, Raising Good Children: Growing in Virtue, and more. In addition to talks by the Presenters, the program also involves significant parent participation throughout.

Moving forward, Family Honor will be getting feedback from those 20 parents who participated in the weekend program, in order to make any needed improvements. Family Honor will also be working with Ana Hidalgo to plan another program, this time for parents and teens, to be scheduled (tentatively) for October, 2021. This will require creation and translation of new graphics and other materials prior to the program. If you would like to make a designated donation for additional translation, printing, design, and graphics for materials for our Spanish programs, please go to our Donation page and indicate in ‘Memo’ section “Spanish Programs”:

For more information on Family Honor’s Spanish-language programs, or to find our more about joining Family Honor as a bilingual Presenter for our programs, please contact the Family Honor office at 803.929.0858 or email Family Honor at:

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