Program Descriptions

2023-2024 – Family Honor Chastity Education Programs

New Options for You and Your Family!

Research shows that your child WANTS you to talk to them about “Birds and Bees” (sex), love, dating, and other issues – but where to start?

For 30+ years, Family Honor has provided a family-centered, Catholic approach to chastity education through our parent-teen and parent-pre-teen programs, all designed to help you ‘jump-start’ those important conversations (or respond to challenging questions!)

We provide a unique opportunity for you and your teen to come together to hear about God’s gift of sexuality PLUS we give you a common language for effective communication in your family.

Check out our programs below, then contact us to find out how to bring one to your area: 803.929.0858 or Use our Contact form.

1.  Leading & Loving: For PARENTS ONLY of young children (up to age 10); no child attends.
Note: Available in Spanish in some locations!

Gives parents a new framework to understand God’s gift of sexuality along with the confidence to begin to talk with their younger children about virtue, male-female complementarity, the dignity of the human person, and other important topics in an age-appropriate way. Gives a better understanding of the WHY behind what our faith teaches.

Format: 6 one-hour sessions, typically presented Fri. evening (2 hrs.) and Sat. daytime (4 hrs.). 

Session 1:        Sex: What Does It Mean?
Session 2:        The Language of Love: How Do I Speak It?
Session 3:        The Birds and the Bees: Teaching More Than Facts
Session 4:        Raising Good Kids
Session 5:        Dealing with Tough Issues
Session 6:        Growing a Joyful, Faith-Filled Family

Parish/parents may choose full 6-session OR 2-session only for your group. Ideal to use as part of parent preparation for child’s Baptism or First Communion. 

2. Changes & Challenges: For parents with their 6th grader. 

Helps families understand the ‘changes and challenges’ of puberty. Format: 2 two-hour sessions. Presented 1week apart, in evening, or on a Fri. night/Sat. morning, or Sat. morning & afternoon. Session 1 – Parents. Topics: 

Session 1: 
Parent only. Understanding Child Development; Keeping Balance in Your Family; Raising Happy, Holy Children;

Session 2:
Parents w/ 5th or 6th grader. Participants separated by sex in 2 different rooms (dads/boys and moms/girls). Developing as a Person; Muscles for Life (boys); Virtuous Violet (girls); Fertility Appreciation & Fetal Development. Allows time for anonymous written questions to be answered truthfully and age-appropriately.

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3. New Real Love & Real Life: Living the Faith Retreat Program: For parents with their 7th or 8th grader. 

Format: 3 two-hour sessions. Can be presented one week apart or on a weekend (Fri/Sat or Saturday only). This updated program features PowerPoints, videos, skits, and time for parent-teen communication! Topics:

Session 1:
PARENTS ONLY. Teaching Virtue to Your Teens; Understanding the Teen Brain; Fostering a Healthy View of Sexuality; Answering Your Teen’s Challenging Questions About Sex and Gender; Explaining Christ-like Love; Overview of Sessions 2 and 3; Parent Q and A.

Session 2:
Parents and Teens Together. Icebreaker with Music!; True Self Worth; Family Communication; Theology of the Body – Part 1; Developing as a Whole Person – the SPICE of Life; Theology of the Body – Part 2; Cardinal Virtues and Chastity; Skits: Standing Up to Peer Pressure.

Session 3:
Separate Groups for first half of this Session: Dads and Sons one room and Moms and Daughters in another. Presentation on Chastity, followed by PowerPoints explaining Fertility Appreciation (Male and Female Anatomy and Physiology). Also covered: Dangers of Porn; Misuse of Sexual Powers – How to Identify; Difference in Male and Female Response.

Entire Group of Parents and Teens Back Together. Fetal Development; The Journey of Life: Friendship, Dating, Vocations; How Our Choices Impact the Future: Honeymoon Skit; Commitment to Chastity.

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