Providing a Catholic framework on the truth and meaning of sexuality, love, and family

Program Descriptions

2019-2020 – Updated Program Options!

Research shows that your child WANTS you to talk to them about sex, love, dating, and other issues – but where to start?

For 30 years, Family Honor has provided a family-centered, Catholic approach to chastity education through our parent-child programs, all designed to help you ‘jump-start’ those important conversations (or respond to challenging questions!)

We provide a unique opportunity for you and your teen to come together PLUS a common language for communication.

Check out our programs below, then contact us to find out how to bring one to your area: 803.929.0858 or

1.  Leading & Loving: For PARENTS ONLY of young children (up to age 10); no child attends.

Gives parents the confidence to talk w/ their child about God’s gift of sexuality and other important topics in an age-appropriate way, even from an early age. Gives a better understanding of the WHY behind what our faith teaches.

Format: 6 one-hour sessions, typically presented Fri. evening (2 hrs.) and Sat. daytime (4 hrs.). Topics: Sex: What Does It Mean?; The Language of Love: How Do I Speak It?; The Birds and the Bees: Teaching More Than Facts; Raising Good Kids; Dealing with Tough Issues; and Growing a Joyful, Faith-Filled Family.

New options for 2019-2020: program may be delivered at parish OR in a home setting with fewer parents. Also: parish/parents may choose full 6-session OR 2-session only for your group. Ideal to use as part of parent preparation for child’s Baptism or First Communion. 

2. Changes & Challenges: For parents with their 6th grader. 

Helps families understand the ‘changes and challenges’ of puberty. Format: 2 two-hour sessions. Presented 1week apart, in evening, or on a Fri. night/Sat. morning, or Sat. morning & afternoon. Session 1 – Parents. Topics: Understanding Child Development; Keeping Balance in Your Family; Raising Happy, Holy Children. Session 2 – parents w/ 6th grader. Participants separated by sex in 2 different rooms (dads/boys and moms/girls). Topics: Developing as a Person; Muscles for Life (boys); Virtuous Violet (girls); Fertility Appreciation & Fetal Development.

3. Real Love & Real Life: For parents with their 8th grader.

Format: 3 two-hour sessions. Can be presented one week apart or on a weekend (Fri/Sat or Saturday only). Topics include: True Worth vs. Self Esteem; Christ-like Love; Intro to Theology of the Body; Fertility Appreciation; Healthy Communication in the Family; Developing as a Whole Person; Future Dating.

4. Staying Connected: For PARENTS ONLY of high-school age teens; no teen attends.

 Format: Presented as either a 2 ½ hr. program in the evening or a half-day program on Saturday that includes lunch and time for fellowship. Topics: What is Chastity & Why Is It Important for My Teen? What Does the Church Teach About Sexual Morality and Why? Tackling the Tough Issues with Teens; and Questions and Role Play.

New options for 2019-2020: program may be delivered at parish OR in a home setting with fewer parents. Also, can be delivered as part of parish or diocesan conference.

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